Grace / by Amber M.


I spent yesterday breaking up fights, sending the boys to timeout for hitting/slapping/throwing toys, mopping up spilt milk, potty training, washing clothes, and trying to make time to bake muffins because someone (who is two) peeled all the bananas. I lost my cool, yelled and cried. Yesterday was hard. 

Some days are harder than others but even on our worst days, life is good.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, we see reminders all the time. We join Facebook groups and watch funny videos that remind us of how hard our job as mom can be. Yeah, you love those little stinkers but gosh they can drive you nuts. 

Mom friends, lean in for a second. Hear me out. We really don’t have it that bad. Yes, there are days when we are literally pulling our hair out while searching for a wine glass but can we give our kids and ourselves a bit of grace on those hard days? I think yes.  

Our kids are tiny people, full of energy, spunk, and a will strong enough to tame lions. They won’t ever be perfect, that’s what makes them human. It’s our job to teach then what we know, show them how to behave, and help them understand the importance of respecting others. No one said this was going to be easy but God knows it’s worth it.

Let’s talk about ourselves (gulp). I know some moms who are cool as a cucumber. I am not, once pushed to a certain point I snap and become angry mommy. I force myself to step away from the situation, normally to the kitchen to cook something, and I remind myself that they’re just kids. Yes there is discipline, yes there is correction, but there is also grace. Grace for them because they’re kids and grace for myself because I’m so stinking new at this Mom thing. Parenting is a big deal, we get one shot and we want to do it right.

There’s one more party involved in this equation that is the cornerstone of our family, my husband. After a long day at work he is EXHAUSTED. When my natural instinct can be to snap at him because he hasn’t been dealing with the craziness at home and I’m a bit bitter at his day away from the crazy house, I step back and try to give him grace too. Grace because he’s been at work all day, fighting different battles, and he’s worn down. I remind myself that we are a team and he deserves grace.   

Yes parenting is hard. Marriage isn’t always a cakewalk either. Today let’s focus on the good in the day and in our kids. Today let’s choose grace when things get tough, focus on the good and please remember that what you’re doing is hard but so very important.