Following Through / by Amber M.


Have you ever tried to teach a four year old the basics of tee ball? What once came as second nature quickly became the most difficult thing ever when explaining it all to a very excited preschooler. One of the harder things to get through to him was once you swing the bat, you have to keep going and follow through. You’ve already made contact with the ball, and to a little mind there is nothing that makes sense about holding on to the bat and swinging more. Why not just drop the bat and start the run to first base? I'm not the most athletic person but one thing I remember from years of tee ball and softball is that following through with your swing is critical. The action of swinging the bat all the way through, with all your might, that’s what gets the ball over the fence. You can give it less effort and get to first base, but why not try for a home run. Why not actually follow through?

I’ve mentioned here before that adoption is something that is on my heart. On most days, it’s all we can do to make it to bedtime with just our two boys. The thought of adding another child pops into my mind and on those hard days I quickly shut it down. It’s in my heart, but my head has a hard time accepting the thought of more chaos. Different chaos. Honestly, really scary chaos.

We’ve watched friends adopt, we have friends and family who were adopted, we’ve seen friends foster kids. I’ve listened to podcast and read books by adoptive moms.  I have even gone to information meetings about all the different routes available for adoption. There is a mom that spoke at one of the foster to adopt meetings that I attended, I see her about once a month around town. Literally every time that I’ve considered talking to her, I back off because it’s been a rough day and I’m not sure we can handle the challenge of adoption. You guys, we have talked about this and thought about it and could keep it up until we are old and gray. We don't believe this is the season of life where adoption is an option for us. Once the season does arrive, I have to wonder if we just remain open to the idea or actually take action?

If we keep this idea at a safe distance and just talk about it, doesn’t that make us kind of OK with God because we considered the task? My heart says no. My belief is that if God tells us to act, we are to act. I'm not sure yet what that call to action looks like, it may involve our whole family or it may just be a calling for me. I have also felt a desire to connect with an adoption centered non-profit once I start back to full time work, that might be how this calling plays out in my life. Adoption is such a beautiful act and something I want to support. 

Friends, let's not be afraid to grab the bat of life and swing it with all of our might, ok? Let’s be brave. If God puts a weight on our heart, let’s listen to Him. Let’s seek His wisdom and timing. Let’s love one another and hold each other accountable. No matter what the cost, no matter what fear our heart may hold.