Growing Pains / by Amber M.

Today I left Costco holding back tears.

I had four things on my list: coffee, diapers, baby wipes, and contacts. Simple enough, right? The boys were at preschool for a few hours and I was enjoying a little alone time (at Costco...I'm a wild one) in between the gym and helping my husband with work.

As I stood in the diaper aisle, I was suddenly overcome with emotion. In front of me were boxes of size 6 diapers (the largest available) and just a few steps over were pull-ups. We've tried pull-ups with our little guy but we've been putting off potty training until he is 2.  He wants to "go potty" like his big brother but, honestly, I just haven't been ready for it. Standing in that aisle it hit me that in 9 short days he will be 2. I put the diaper box down and reluctantly reached for the pull-ups. The tears started to come as I thought about how quickly things are changing.

The soon to be birthday boy, cookie in hand and smile on his face.

The soon to be birthday boy, cookie in hand and smile on his face.

There is something hard about our baby turning 2, it's much harder with him than his brother. When his brother was 2 I was VERY pregnant and happily distracted by nesting for a new baby. While I'm enjoying this age and the easiness of two kids who can play with each other, knowing that we are done with cribs, diapers, and bottles is a little difficult to accept at times. Reminders of sleepless nights can quickly bring me back to reality and help calm my emotions but a bit of sadness is still there.  I know it will soon pass, probably after little man's birthday, and I'm thankful for that.

I know I'm not alone here, I've read several blogs and articles written by moms who struggle with being "done" with the baby stage. I also knew this was coming, we decided after having two hard deliveries that we are done with pregnancy. It just all came faster than I expected. All I can do is take every stage with both of the boys with all the joy I can find and remember that these are happy days, even when it's kinda hard.

These stages of life seemed so big and exciting when we were younger but the older we get the shorter and more fleeting they become. We know these days are precious but that sometimes gets pushed to the back of our minds in the midst of chaos. These days are full of love, hard times, joy, stress, excitement, and big decisions. Let's love big and cherish our families, ya'll. They're a blessing from God, after all.